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Known as God’s own Country, Kerala is a paradise on earth, will definitely give you an exciting holiday and a feast for your eyes. Kerala offers you breathtaking sights and tranquil moments. NGC has chosen this incredible state as one of the 9 paradises on Earth. There are 14 districts in Kerala. Malayalam is the local language.

According to a legend, Parasurama, an avatar of Mahavishnu, threw his battle axe into the sea. As a result, the land of Kerala arose and was reclaimed from the waters. According to several scholars, the Jews first arrived in Kerala in 573 BC, followed by the Dutch, Portuguese and the British. A good blend of religious tolerance and secularism is witnessed in Kerala with Hindus, Christians, Muslims and lot other sect of people live in harmony.

The land is beautiful amidst the green coconut trees, winding backwaters adds to the elegance. Festivals are all filled laughter, excitement and enthusiasm. Kerala is still unexplored in several parts. It offers some of the finest beaches in India, the throng to these places through the sandy beaches can quite be a bewildering experience. “Kettuvallams" are transformed into full fledged luxury houseboats which meander through the tranquil but extremely awe-inspiring spirals of backwaters. The lush and dense forests of the state offer an adventurous trip with camping trekking and night safaris, amisdst the spice-scented aura from the plantations.

There are immense bewitching waterfalls and it is a state of pilgrimage too, with the famous Sabarimala and Knanaya Syrian Orthodox at Kottayam, to mention a few. The vast paddy fields and the fishing nets takes you to a different age of living. Flora and fauna is also in abundance with lot of rare species of plant and animal kingdom. The authentic and exotic taste of the state is definite to tickle your taste buds and the inner senses. Ayurveda is a rejuvenating exercise done exclusively in the state of Kerala. Above all, Kerala is place worth visiting from one end to the other.

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